Before starting the payment process, make sure you have sufficient money on your credit card and that the card is not expired. After clicking the payment button, you’ll be taken to a new page that requires certain information to enter, which is as follows


  • Credit card information: First, the credit card type is selected. If it does not exist, it is likely that the website does not support this type of card, then the name of the credit card holder is entered, exactly as written on the card, Credit, and expiration date, in addition to the Security code. This code is located behind the card and consists of three boxes if the card is Visa or Master Card. If a market card is used for the same website and is not affiliated with a known credit موقع تسوق اون لاين company, a security code will probably not be required



  • Shipping address: Enter the address where the buyer wishes to ship the goods he purchased, and the website will calculate the shipping cost based on this address and the final price statement.






  • Billing address: This address is the one that receives the invoices issued for the credit card, and may differ from the shipping address, if the item would reach the buyer’s mailbox, but the buyer wanted to deliver the item to his home instead, Select this address on this basis.





In the event of an error in the purchase process, it is advisable to verify the information entered accurately such as name, address, and credit card information. Any simple error in any information may result in the failure of the purchase. The buyer may try another credit card.